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Created in 1998, the Doctor Benoit Deshaies Foundation’s mission is to help victims of workplace accidents and illnesses.  These events are not always adequately acknowledged by The Commission on standards, equity, health and safety in the workplace (CNESST).

Summary of the By-law Governing the Award of Funds :

General conditions

  1. To benefit from the Foundation’s financial assistance, a person must:

3.1   Having been the victim of a workplace accident or illness inadequately handled by mandated authorities;

3.2   During the six months preceding the request for assistance, having earned income that place the person below the low income cutoffs published by Statistics Canada;

3.3   Being in a position to benefit from solutions designed to protect, maintain and improve its health.  The assistance must carry a fair potential for success.

  1. In order to make a payment on behalf of a person, the Foundation must :

4.1   Ascertain that all required conditions are met:

4.2   Ascertain that no other public health resource likely to offer the projected health solutions proposed by the referring health professional in a reasonable timeframe.  Should one or more be available, the Foundation helps the person to avail him or herself of such.


Special Conditions

  1. Given that a person seeking the assistance of the Foundation has generally been denied the acknowledgment of his or her claims by the organisations mandated to compensate victims of workplace accidents or illnesses and also given that the Foundation’s resources are limited, the person must consider the possibilities of contesting the CNESST’s decisions.

Our policies and general by-laws are available in French at “Règlements généraux”


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